Vision Therapy & Symptoms of Post-Concussion


A high percentage of concussion patients develop vision problems

In a 2016 study of adolescent concussion patients, 69% were diagnosed with one or more vision problems. Research suggests that over 50% of adults with a concussion or post-concussion syndrome have visual problems that can cause headaches, eye strain, and double or blurred vision. A 2017 study of concussion patients who were referred for a vision exam found that 82% received a diagnosis of an oculomotor problem.

It makes sense that concussions would cause vision problems; there is a  widespread distribution of visual pathways through the brain, and more areas of the brain are used to process vision than any other system in the brain.

The vision problems that develop after a concussion are not visual acuity (20/20) problems, but rather eye teaming, focusing, and tracking which create difficulties with reading and with sports.


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